Dr. Saad Saad Offers Advice on Parents Regarding their Kid’s healthcare

 Dr. Saad Saad, a renowned pediatric surgeon, grew up in Kuwait and he born in Palestine. He is now situated in Eatontown in New Jersey. The successful surgeon has patented 2 inventions and developed several new pediatric surgical procedures. Currently, Dr. Saad Saad has completed complicated pediatric surgeries on infants and teenagers. He has also

OSI Group Aims at Penetrating the European Market

The global premier supplier OSI deals with value-added food products. It supplies to leading retailers and food service brands. The company is the number one American and global custom food products development, which involve sourcing and distribution of food products. OSI Industries is ranked among the top American food supplier due to its ability to

A Proud Powerful Woman Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolian businesswoman and the richest woman in Africa. Her father is the former president of Angola José Eduardo dos Santos. BBC named Isabel dos Santos as one of the 100 most influential women in the world. She attended King’s College in London were she studied electrical engineering. She has held

The OSI Group McDonalds: A Partnership Strengthened by Time

The McDonalds food chain, if not the biggest, is the biggest fast food chain in the whole wide world. They are most known for their crispy and scrumptious signature style chicken, fresh off the garden potato fries, and of course their wonderful customer service paired with affordable and reasonable prices that can be accessed and

A Little About the Life of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is an investment advisor by profession. He was born in Brazil on October 4, 1947. When he finished high school he enrolled in a nearby university. At the time the Federal University of Parana was the only university in his area of Brazil to offer an engineering program. It was an honor and

Zeco Auriemo: Why He Is the Reason for JHSF’s Massive Success

In the Brazilian market for luxury buildings, there is one clear giant: JHSF. This is a company with a strong background and great leadership. Chief Executive Officer Zeco Auriemo, who took office as the team’s leader and president in 1993, has pushed the organization into new markets and new heights of success. Luxury and quality

The Growth of OSI Group

According to an article published in foodbusiness.net it states the acquisition of Baho Foods by OSI Group. Baho Foods is a manufacturer of deli meats and snacks based out of Europe. The CEO of OSI Group stated that the acquisition of this company will give them more presence in the European Continent. Furthermore, the Managing

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: From Caterer To Billionaire

It’s difficult to remember that Hussain Sajwani, founder and CEO of the of the DAMAC Group, started out in the catering business. Sajwani is known throughout the world for building luxurious homes for the wealthy, establishing DAMAC Properties at the beginning of the 2002 real estate boom in Dubai. Sajwani’s catering business, which is still

Who Is Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the prominent CEO of the American Institute of Architects. There are several designers, artists, and architects that have taken the opportunity to be a part of the AIA artistry membership. They invite their artist to tell their story to others in the art community at the AIA. Together, they have been able