Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Water Quality Shows Improvement


The latest water quality tests indicate that the water at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings upper mountain is improving. The update was made as part of earlier reports following notification from Squaw Valley to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health that the systems that were fed by wells on the property had become contaminated with E.Coli and coliform bacteria.


As soon as the contamination was detected use of the water by the public was ended and fresh drinking water was provided. In addition, Squaw Valley worked with water quality professionals to determine the source of the contamination, now known to be caused by an extreme weather event, and how to correct it. With constant monitoring the water has improved immensely and there is no E. Coli present, though three of the wells still show coliform bacteria at low levels.


Water treatments are continuing to be done and further work is being performed to ensure that this type of contamination will not develop in the wells that are used to provide the resort with clean water. Currently the ski runs remain open for guests to use and bottled water is provided free of charge. Restaurants on the property remain closed and no health issues have been reported for the duration of the contamination period.


The Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows public relations officer, Liesl Kenney, sent out a statement on Wednesday Nov. 30th addressing the situation and gave a complete overview of work that was being done, agencies notified and involved, and an assurance that all safety measures were being followed to the best of the company’s ability.

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