Jose Borghi: The Advert Genius

Jose Borghi discovered his talent for the world of advertising after he joined his sister in helping her choose the right path in Cannes. After he had sawed the adverts of Vts, he was hooked, and he wanted more than ever to be able to create such works of art that would not only amaze but also set him apart.He earned his credentials and academic papers from PUC-Campinas. He started by working for the Standard Ogilvy as an editor to make his first buck before moving on to advertising. He proved himself while there, and the talent had flowered.

The Success Story

As Co-CEO and Founder of Mullen Lowe Brasil, he has set himself apart and is now the leader in the advertising industry in Brazil. The list of clients that he serves is enviable, and it all has to do with the resilience that he has shown as a master advertiser.This ad agency has its own unique way of doing the thing that has been set by Jose himself. In Brazilian advertising, he has made breakthroughs, and the awards that he has won prove he is the king of ads.

Unique Setting

He has been known to use staff from the office in the field settings when coming up with these advertisements.

The Birth of Mullen Lowe

After partnering with the Lowe Group, it became Mullen Lowe, and this is after a journey of several years up to the ladder. He started off with his partner Erh Ray, and they became BorghiErh, and after having great success with this baby, they attracted the attention of Lowe.And that is how they partnered to become Mullen Lowe Brazil, and they are now partners with Andre Gomes.


This is the story of a man who had an interest sparked, and now he wallows in the success of his work. He deserves every single reward that he is getting and as an internationally recognized ad agency, Mullen Lowe Brazil is one of the best.

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