Fabletics is finding success online and in their physical stores

Success in the apparel industry can be hard to find these days, especially when Amazon controls up to twenty percent of the market. Traditional stores are losing sales to online retailers. Customers will enter stores to see items in person but then go online to purchase because they find the item cheaper. It can be hard to find success. Fabletics has been able to find success in this competitive apparel industry. Started in just 2013 with the help of Kate Hudson, Fabletics has grown into a multi-million dollar company with their online monthly subscription based system.


In addition to their online business, they have recently started to open physical stores. This may seem contrary to current trends of businesses losing sales to online businesses. However, Fabletics simply uses their stores to showcase their apparel, working together with their online business. When one of their members tries an item on in the store, it also shows up in their online shopping cart as well. The customer then can purchase in the store, or simply buy online at a later time. Their stores help Fabletics get to know the communities they serve and what the styles and trends of the area are. This helps them offer apparel that would interest their members the most. Their stores also help build their monthly, online membership sales. While many who come in their stores are already members, up to half, another quarter of those who are not members, become members while they are in the store. This helps build their loyal, monthly members, keeping their customers around month after month.


One of the main reasons customers come back month after month is the quality of the clothing they get for the price they pay. The quality of Fabletics clothing can easily be compared to that of the expensive brands, but they are priced similarly to the inexpensive brands. Their clothing is always trendy and stylish, so you will want to wear them through your daily life and routines. They are soft and comfortable, you will be recommending them to people you pass on the street. The best part is they hold up to many workouts, they resist fading, and hold their shape and compression, helping you to look fantastic for many outings in your clothing.


A quiz on their website helps determine your lifestyle and exercise habits. This helps narrow down the choices on their website. This saves quite a bit of time searching for that perfect outfit. The quiz will help you find that perfect outfit quickly, which is important in our busy lives. Of course, you can always search the site, if you’d like to browse all that Fabletics offers. Once you sign up for Fabletics and receive your first outfit, you can choose a la carte items at a discounted, member prices. Then, each month, you will receive an email with personally picked outfits for you to choose from. You can choose one of those outfits, or pick one of your own. The outfit will then be shipped to you for your low monthly fee.

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