Omar Boraie’s Real Estate Development Ventures

In the recent years, the global economy has been growing fast, and this has led to a high demand for luxurious commodities. People also need comfortable homes and apartments, and therefore, many developers have seen a potential opportunity. They have invested billions of dollars in real estate business in the United States. Companies and individuals who are involved in the development industry have focused on establishing new projects and renovating buildings that already existed. Developers have gone as far as setting up highly luxurious properties that are sold through invitations only. Omar Boraie in a renowned businessman who owns a company that is known as Boraie Development. He currently lives in New Brunswick and has played a significant role in bettering the condition of the city.

Omar studied in Europe, and he was able to experience the positive transformation that can be caused by real estate development in an area. He experienced how the economies of various areas in the continent were growing due to the excellent housing that was being set up for the communities. Boraie is the current vice president of his firm, and he has a diverse knowledge of the sector. He was born in Egypt and has visited various parts of the globe. As a real estate developer, Omar is skilled on the modernizations of buildings, construction of luxurious properties, and community halls across New Brunswick. According to NJ, many people in the sector did not believe in his venture since he was a chemistry expert, and the area that he wanted to develop was barren land. Boraie has been working closely with the professionals who serve his company, and they have completed several elegant buildings in the area.

The main constructions projects that Omar’s company has developed include Rector Street, Albany Street Plaza, and The Aspire. The firm has been successful in bettering the landscape of the city. It has also improved the community that is based in the area. He believes that the first step towards developing a region is ensuring that the people live well.

Boraie has also dedicated himself to supporting the people of his city by participating in various charity undertakings. The Board of Trustees for the State Theatre New Jersey has been benefiting from his contributions. He has been assisting in organizing many events for the foundation. Omar is also part of the advisory board of a charity organization that is known as Elijah’s Promise. The primary role of the institution is to make sure that communities have access to enough food.

Omar Boraie has been playing an important part in the battle against cancer. He is a trained scientist and takes part in various research undertakings. The entrepreneur also offers donations to support institutions that have a goal of curing cancer by modifying genomes. Genomic Science at Rutgers appointed him to serve as its chairperson, The foundation also aims at finding medicine for cancer. Omar holds Ph.D. in chemistry. The work that he has done at New Brunswick will be significant to many generations.

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