EOS Success Through Being Different

EOS did not get to the top of the lip balm game by doing the same old thing as everyone else. They accomplished this goal by being different. It’s not a radical new marketing technique, but it was definitely a success. The lip balm company managed to take a product that nobody could have given a second thought about and make it the number one person hygiene product today.

The Shape:

The shape of lip balms has had some changes over the years. Kids have had lip balm in cool shapes for years, but adults really never had. That was the first step that EOS lip balm took. They changed the shape of lip balm.

The Scent:

The scent of a shape can be important too. EOS knew this when they started out as the face of lip balm today. They purposefully picked a set of scents that attract buyers to the lip balm. It’s pure marketing genius. Vanilla and other baking scents make buyers feel safe and not even know why. The idea is simple: people associate basic scents with home and safety. They can add a fruit scent or anything else, but vanilla is the basic scent that makes EOS great.

The Packaging:

The packaging is important as well. People buy things because they like the way they look. Colors and designs bring the buyers in. They attract the buyer by making the product look great. EOS is famous for this one. They created a whole advertising campaign on Facebook centered around making the EOS product look cool. Celebrities were paid money to use the product in their music videos and endorsements just to accomplish this goal. https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html

All of these techniques are highly effective in bringing buyers in. It has been the success that EOS has had and it was accomplished by simply being different than all of the others.

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