Securus Technologies – Positively Influencing the Correctional Industry

The correctional industry is amongst the fastest growing industry today, and it is mostly because of the growing number of companies that are active in this industry. However, even after a tough competition, one of the companies that have been growing consistently in the past few years is Securus Technologies. Apart from providing many different services to inmates as well as law enforcement agencies, the company has also ensured that it continues to provide seamless customer services. In a service sector, customer service is essential, and it is for this reason, Securus Technologies has an in-house customer service department with close to one thousand dedicated customer service executives working round the clock to provide quick and efficient services to the customers.


Securus Technologies is one of the oldest names in the correctional world, and millions of inmates depend upon the company for its inmate’s communication services. One of the reasons why the company has been able to provide sustainable services for so long is because it has been able to focus on research and development. It has allowed the company to develop cutting edge services that are highly efficient and at the same time, economical. Securus Technologies has regional offices in Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The company also has a specialty technology center that is dedicated to research and development.


As one of the senior most law enforcement officers in my department, I can say without a doubt that what Securus Technologies offer is the best in the business. Many different companies provide crime prevention services, but what Securus Technologies offer is way ahead of its time. It has helped us in protecting lives and getting crucial information that ensures that we can convict the criminals we arrest without any difficulties in the court of law. Such services are highly needed today to protect our communities from criminals.


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