James Larkin: The Folk Hero of Laborers and Trade Unions

The history of labor union struggles gets filled with tension, controversy and drama, the lives of their heroes, and achievements that will sometimes go unnoticed.

We may be living in the age of progress and innovation, but there’s still a lot to do regarding the providing for the basic rights and liberties for humans today. One of the many people who fight for the laborer’s inherent rights is James Larkin, whose leadership many people follow and emulate in these times.

The life of James Larkin as a labor organizer also proved that he could drive many people to follow his causes. He has the charisma and leadership styles worthy of emulating and worthy of prospering.

As an Irish labor organizer, James Larkin fought for the rights of others as well as serving as an activist to push for the Transport and General Workers’ Union goals that the labor groups passionately pursue.

Born on January 21, 1876, in the slum, marginalized area of Liverpool, England, James Larkin continued to pursue the passions that he felt needed realizing for the society to prosper. Although his goals might be as abstract as people never wanted, he still pushed for the advocacies that he thought would shape the future of the labor groups today.

In the pursuit of the Marxist ideas that formed his advocacies, Larkin traveled all over the United States in 1940’s to gather networks, establish connections and find more answers that will fuel his desire to help others.

In his struggle to push for the causes he fights, James Larkin also found himself joining the National Union of Dock laborers and fully became a full-time organizer of various activist trade union groups in 1905. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

World War I was challenging times, and James Larkin found more opportunity for him to establish the principles he needed to protect. During the war, he launched various anti-war demonstrations in Dublin and traveled to the U.S. to fight against the British army.

With the passion for labor unions that James Larkin has, he could continue to fight for Worker’s rights even in the chaos of World War I.

It was in 1903 that James Larkin married the beautiful woman who shared his passion, Elizabeth Brown. They had four sons who will carry the torch of activism in James Larkin’s life.

That said, the activist and militant lifestyle of James Larkin has pushed for the reform of many policies. His life’s history will continue to inspire many.

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