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Today and every day the people of North America are lucky to have such fortunate advances in technology that help spread the resources necessary for production. Sometimes we overlook the innovations that have brought us to such a great time in society. The railroad car is still relied upon to deliver goods for production means and for other uses. When we remember the ways that society has changed throughout history we take a look at those companies that are responsible for achieving such greatness. National Steel Car is the lead manufacturer of railroad, freight and tank cars in North America. This company is run by the CEO, chairman and president since 1994, Gregory James Aziz.


In his letter to the public on the National Steel Car’s website, Gregory J Aziz refers to honoring “the traditions of the past,” and moving “forward with determination.” This is evident in the leadership practices Gregory J Aziz implemented when he took up his ranks as CEO of National Steel Car. He came from a past of working alongside his family business, a major wholesale company in Ontario, to working in investments. When he put together enough investors to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco he was able to restore the greatness that is this legacy of Canada.


Moving Forward


National Steel Car continues to succeed in industry standards as a leader when it comes to manufacturing and engineering high quality railroad cars for North America. The company has been winning the TTX SECO Award for more than ten years now, and overall it has been around for over 100 years to bring these excellent products all across North America! Check Out This Article.


The proof of National Steel Car’s legacy is evident when looking at the increase in production and number of employees. When Greg Aziz joined the company in 1994, the company went from producing just 3,500 railroad cars each year to producing 12,000 railroad cars each year in 1999. This increase in production created a 500% increase in employment in the same time.


Greg Aziz ends his public letter on National Steel Car’s website by stating “At National Steel Car, we have a sense of purpose… To always perform with a relentless focus on excellence and quality.” This is certainly evident when looking at the high quality of the railroad cars that are manufactured and engineered at National Steel Car.

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