National Steel Car: Being Managed In The Present

Founded in 1912, the National Steel Car is one of the oldest existing rolling stock manufacturers in Canada. Several people have owned the company, including the businessman and entrepreneur Gregory James Aziz, or Greg Aziz for short. Gregory J Aziz developed an interest in purchasing the company from Dofasco in 1994 because of its colorful history, and because he has seen a potential for the National Steel Car to be one of the leading companies in 21st century Canada. Founded by several investors in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, the National Steel Car experienced their golden age years in the early 1920s. However, the success that they experienced did not last long, and they slowly decline upon reaching the Great Depression. Many workers have been kicked out from their jobs because the company could no longer pay their expenses, and the company has to resort in selling other vehicle parts just to survive. They even manufactured war machines and vehicles during the World Wars, and it helped help get back on track. The company was purchased by Dofasco in 1962, but during the late 1990s. an economic crisis involving rolling stock manufacturers hit, and the National Steel Car was sold by Dofasco in 1994 to a businessman named Gregory James Aziz.

Gregory J Aziz just recently quit his job in the financial world, and when he heard the news about Dofasco and the National Steel Car, he immediately contacted the steel manufacturing company and offered a deal. The company was given to him, and Gregory James Aziz worked hard day and night in order to return the company back on track. He retained all of the remaining employees, and promised them that he will be transforming the National Steel Car for the better. As the time passes, the National Steel Car managed to accommodate more employees to work for them, and the number of rolling stocks that they produce each year also increased. Aside from the increase in production, the National Steel Car also received the ISO Quality award, and Gregory James Aziz is very proud of his team for bringing home the certification.


Today, the National Steel Car keeps on rising, and its stock market value is going up. Rail transport companies, even the ones based in the United States, are also ordering through the National Steel Car because they managed to create an impression that they only produce and manufacture high quality products. Go Here To Learn More.

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