National Steel Car Returning to Life after a Slowdown

National Steel Car is a manufacturing company that produces rolling stock. The company is based in Canada, Hamilton, Ontario and is currently among the most massive rolling stock manufacturing companies in the country, ranking among the top 3 producers of rolling stock since the company was founded in 1912. The business of National Steel Car is currently lead by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and company chairman Gregory J Aziz.

Since National Steel Car is more than a century old, the business has had a long journey and history. The first leader of the freight car company was Basil Magor who had a keen interest in the Magor Car Corporation. The company was funded by a small group of investors including Sir John Morson Gibson.


After the debut of the first product of National Steel Car, the number of investors grew. National Steel Car was also fortunate to step in the industry at the same time as rolling stock order in Canada reached their peak in 1913. That gave the business a healthy boost.

Times were prosperous for National Steel Car until the 1930s rolled in. The Depression wiped out a vast number of startups and companies that had been stable. National Steel Car was also on the verge of going under, but it opened its manufacturing capabilities to order unrelated to their main line of work. Manufacturing engines and miscellaneous other order allowed the company to stay above the water and survive the rough times. Despite that, however, National Steel Car had to downsize significantly to manage operations, and it released a lot of its workforce.


At the start of World War II, National Steel Car experienced growth for the first time in years. The orders started rolling in like before, and the business was able to flourish again. National Steel Car began to regain a lot of their workforce. After the end of the war, the order ceased, and it was a steady ride for a while before a steep slope.


The next period for National Steel Car was an uneventful one. In 1962, National Steel Car was acquired by Dofasco, but the company did not attempt to restore National Steel Car much, and the company never got that spike of growth and development that it needed. By 1990 Dofasco no longer put effort into the business.


The current owner of the business, Gregory James Aziz, breathed new life into the company. Gregory J Aziz expanded both the production capacity of National Steel Car and its workforce by thousands. Gregory J Aziz is occupying leadership roles in the business. See This Article to Learn More.


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