Reshaping The World Of Architects With AIA

     Architects play an important role of ensuring that buildings meet the safety standards of construction. Often, architects set these standards by ensuring that the resources and materials used to construct the building are of high quality. Behind the brainy architects in America is an organization that has often ensured that professionalism is upheld to the core. American Institute of Architects has always been on the lead of championing reforms that can stabilize the professional of architects. Often has AIA chipped into the transformation of laws encompassing this field of career.


AIA was founded by a group of experienced architects. Established in 1857, AIA was the idea of 13 architects who wanted to transform the world of architects in America. Based in New York City, this organization is always on the lead of chairing the onset of qualitative reforms for architects. Like any other career in the job industry, architecture needs support from the government and the industry of worker’s unions. That is why AIA is highly regarded for such input as advocating for the improvement of working conditions for architects. AIA has always projected excellent working conditions for architects. It is an all-rounded organization that ensures clients receive some of the world’s best services in the industry.


Leadership structure

The leadership structure of an organization determines the end-result. From the managerial point of discussion, AIA is one institution that relies on the guidance of its leaders to thrive. One such leader is Robert Ivy. Ivy is a trained and qualified architect. He has been part of AIA for over three years. Since he joined the institution, it has been a growing moment for the firm. Through Ivy, AIA has managed to influence the government to implement favorable policies for architects. Being the lead executive of the organization, Ivy has always offered managerial services to his teams. He believes that teamwork calls for participatory services like societal projects, activities that bring people together.



AIA works at national, state in addition to local levels, with the aim of creating a strong business environment for design. Over the years, the institute has helped clients to defeat multiple tax hikes aimed at harming architects. AIA works for reforms the development of modern designs. Often has the organization been linked to the development of projects and the association of agencies that work with empowered administration. Through these agencies, AIA has structured strong economic environments that facilitate growth.

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