Joel Friant: Creating a Condiment Business

Joel Friant is an American businessman and entrepreneur, who is credited as the creator of the original Habanero Shakers, a spicy condiment used in cooking. He is also an agriculturist who likes to plant his own crops, and one of his best products are the habanero peppers. Being an expert in planting habaneros, Joel Friant knows when to harvest the spicy peppers. According to him, the peppers should be harvested after a period of 75 to 90 days, and they should have a striking and vibrant red color. In 1995, Joel Friant decided to introduce a product called the Habanero Shakers. This product became widely used among restaurants in the United States, and even households are getting their share of the newly introduced condiment. The Habanero Shakers are made from freshly picked habanero peppers planted by Joel Friant, and its piquancy level is at 200,000 Scoville units. It is considered very spicy, because jalapeno, once considered as the most piquant pepper, only registered 4,000 Scoville units. The Habanero Shakers became an instant hit, and Joel Friant’s business grew and it became popular among the people.

Today, Joel Friant is focusing on planting more crops on his garden and his field. He is doing a research regarding peppers, trying to figure out how he can create the next big thing in the world of spices. His research focuses on the substance that is produced by peppers, called capsaicin, which works as the trigger to release the endorphin from the brain. The endorphin is also known as the natural pain killers of the body, and eating a pepper rich in capsaicin will release them and will give someone a soothing relief.

Joel Friant found his success in creating Habanero Shakers. His idea of providing a great condiment for every homes became an instant hit, and it resulted to his success in the food industry. Joel Friant added that in order to become a successful farmer, one should focus on providing their crops with all required care, and it will reward a farmer big time. Joel Friant assures that being a hardworking farmer will be a rewarding occupation.

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