A Crime Free Society with Securus Technologies

Investigations can be tough and time-consuming. Some cases have mysteries that take years to unfold. Some convicts are loyal to their evil deeds and are not ready to talk even when subjected to harsh conditions. Some detainees have taken oaths to protect the brotherhood of their crimes and partners in crime. There is no way they are going to betray each other. This kind of loyalty is moving. Unfortunately, it’s directed to the wrong place.

The investigation officers have to unfold the mysteries and solve the issues. The Securus Technologies has come to rescue and offer a hand in this. The company has invented gadgets that help the officers in reducing the time span they use in solving crimes.

One client says that she was able to get a search warrant using the monitoring phone calls devices provided by Securus Technologies. The individual in question allegedly says that the person was a traitor to the company. The staff is very glad to have been able to prove that and eliminate her. The client is looking forward to working with Securus Technologies.

Another investigation officer says that she overheard a conversation with a woman talking to her son in the background of a call. The woman in question was involved in a drug-related criminal activity. The investigation officer used this as evidence in court and won the case.

The sheriffs’ departments are also beneficiaries of the Securus Technologies. With some inmates creating acquaintances with corrupted officers, there are illegal products in jail. Retrieving this substance has not been easy. However, with the LBS software that the Securus Technologies has provided, the sheriffs can now access these products promptly. Through the LBS software, they have also been able to trace stolen assets within a short time.

Securus Technologies has helped solve multiple crimes. The society is safe, and the inmates can now serve their sentences successfully.


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