The Best Wainscoting Panels for Each Room in Your Home

Each room in your home is unique in terms of size, height, and style. And all homes are different in terms of construction. But more often than not, rooms in most homes share some identical features. Take bathrooms for example. No matter how well they are ventilated, moisture levels are still high. Whether homeowners want to keep the living room formal or casual, it’s still the main space in the house where they spend time and welcome guests.

With new technology, modern wainscoting styles have become versatile. You don’t simply have one choice for each and every room. You can actually dress the walls of each room in a completely different way and thus keep the walls resistant and the space elegant.

What to consider before wainscoting installation

Still, in order to choose the right wainscoting design, you need to consider what’s special in each room in your house. Things to consider include:

  • The ceiling height and style, and if there is crown molding.
  • The overall style of the room.
  • Whether or not there are windows and along window casing.
  • Whether or not there are doors or openings and if they are trimmed.
  • If there are moisture concerns in the room.

With wainscoting installation, you need to get peace of mind. These panels are the best friend of those who lack the time to change wall decorations every so often. So you need to be extra careful when you choose wainscots for each room.

  • It must be at the right height so that it won’t bring the ceiling down.
  • If there is crown moulding or other trims in the room, you need to take them into account to avoid overkill.
  • If there are moisture issues, you need to invest in plastic wainscoting solutions.
  • And don’t forget that profiles vary to meet the personal style of each homeowner and each room. So choose the right design but also color for every room.

Good news: there are wainscoting ideas for each room

The dining room is the perfect place to install a flat or raised panel. It depends on whether you like plain or ornamental designs. And this will also depend on the impression you want to give. Such rooms are often formal since you share them with your guests. Alex Mouldings offered modern designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

Living rooms today are often casual. Times have changed and so a shaker wainscoting will do the trick. Such simple, yet elegant styles can enhance charm without making the room too formal.

A flat panel is perhaps the best choice for bedrooms. It’s simple, yet very aristocratic. It will go well on the wall over your bed. Some people avoid placing heavy objects or artwork over their head for the avoidance of accidents. So a floor to ceiling wainscoting will decorate the wall and you won’t have to hang anything else.

Wainscoting in half or full size is also an excellent solution for the kid’s room. After all, these walls get the most beating. You can protect them from smudges and damage by installing flat wainscoting panels.

Beadboard is almost a must-have in the bathroom. Due to its special design, it’s mostly installed in the bathrooms. You can bring it up or keep it down. You can use it as the ultimate wall d├ęcor for the guest bathroom too. But remember that it’s best to avoid wood panels.

Beadboard wainscoting panels also go well in the kitchen. You can also use these panels to decorate kitchen cabinets. You can place vinyl beadboard as a backsplash. Some people use this design for the ceiling too. It will make a very elegant difference but only if you haven’t overdone it with the walls. Too much wainscoting will cancel the desired charm.

One of the best places to install wainscoting wall panels is the hallway. The entry parts of each house are often boring. With a recessed panel, you can change completely the looks of the wall and thus the ambiance of the hallway. And don’t forget that first impressions count for visitors. And in this part of the house, the chair rail can be wide to serve as the base of hooks where you can hang coats and jackets. Practical too.

Don’t forget the laundry room. It’s often the most neglected room in the house. But you can keep it nice and beautiful with a bead board or any other wainscoting style you like. The former goes well because it keeps the room casual, yet classy. And you can still use the upper rail as a shelf for soaps and detergents.

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