The Legacy of Louis Chenevert as a Leader

Whenever people think about the legacy of all the Chief Executive Officers of United Technologies Corporation, it is inevitable not to remember Louis Chenevert. It is due to his tremendous achievements that occurred during his service as the CEO of the company. Out of all his performance in the business is the incredible pace he set for his successors at the company. One belief that most of his successor CEOs learnt from him is that everyone has a responsibility of leaving the company in a better state than he/she found it. It is not in the United Technologies Company alone that Louis has managed to offer great success. He is well known for the pronounced impact he leaves in each company that he works.

Just finishing a degree in production management from HEC Montreal, Louis was fortunate enough to secure a job in General Motors. In this company (General Motors) his service was so incredibly valued until he got promoted to production managerial position. He later ascended to the Production General Manager position where he worked for fourteen years. In this post, his primary role was to supervise the production of the entire company.

As he continued to pursue his career, he later shifted to working with the aerospace manufacturer, Pratt and Whitney, which was in great need of proper leadership. At the time, he was joining the aerospace manufacturer; its economy was down. However, through his insightful and diligent leadership, Louis managed to restore its former position. His leadership skills in the company saw him rise to the level of being the president of the company within six years.

The primary scheme that Louis used to redeem the company was to ignore the prevailing trend of outsourcing cheap labour. He believed although outsourcing labour is cheap; its products are also affordable. Due to this reasoning, he chose to make all the production of the company in the United States.

In 2014, after a beautiful and successful service as the CEO of United Technologies, Louis decided to step down and live a semi-retirement life. Currently, Louis Chenevert is a full-time advisor to Goldman Sachs and still pursues his other personal interests.

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