Waiakea Water to Produce Fully Degradable Bottles

A few years ago, someone investing in selling water would be seen as very lame. Why would anyone want to buy something they can acquire for free? One can simply get water from the multiple taps all over the nation. Currently, the bottled water companies have multiplied, in the stores, you are likely to see various types of water. It is almost impossible to decide on what brand to buy.

With the stiff competition, the manufacturers have no otherwise but come up with terrific catchphrases to impress the buyers. Some will praise their filtration process while other companies will say one cannot survive without their brand.

So what is the real truth about the Waiakea water brand? To begin with; it is based in Hawaii. Many clients are in love with products that are processed in Hawaii. Hawaii is associated with the natural production of goods. Waiakea water is also pure volcanic water. Many clients have found it prestigious to state that the water they are having is volcanic water. This is one way the Waiakea water is different from other varieties.

What about the environment? With the high number of bottled water companies, the environment is in danger. The ocean is flooded with water bottles. Many individuals are not disciplined enough to dispose of the water bottles in the right places. In the USA, last year, more than 50 billion water bottles were used, and yet only 23% of bottles were recycled. This means that more than 38 billion is out there degrading the environment. Do you know what the worrying thing is? The USA is not even in the top five of the nations that pollute the environment through water bottles!

The Waiakea water has come with a solution to this problem. The company has announced to launch water bottles that can decay. Well, plastic bottles are a major threat to the environment because they are purely inorganic. Waiakea water will produce bottles that will take a maximum of 15 years to decompose. This will help protect the environment in the long run. We can only hope that other manufacturers follow the same path.

Remember every time you chose Waiakea water; it’s an act of kindness to the environment.

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