Bruno Fagali Is A Rising Star In The World Of Law

Fagali Advocacia is one of the newest law firms to spring up in Brazil. Known for hiring young lawyers with great experience, not only is Fagali popular in Brazil, but Fagali is making a name for itself all around the world.

One of the main reasons why a person or people would hire Fagali Advocacia is due to business compliance issues. Issues arose in the past where business deals were not done right due to illegal taxes, illegal fees, or one party not receiving a full share of either finances or other entitlements. In these instances, Fagali stepped on the scene to file the correct paperwork with the court to ensure immediate action would be taken. Fagali is known for winning over 20 million dollars, in addition to business rights and more.


Fagali Advocacia has been the recipient of several different awards from the United States and other countries around the world. These awards detail the many accomplishments of the firm and how the company was able to change the way businesses handle all their transactions. Fagali Advocacia has only been in business for a few short years, but they are already being called the best law firm in the world.

Bruno Fagali leads Fagali Avcocacia. Bruno Fagali is one of the most respected attorneys in Brazil. While in law school, Bruno Fagali spent much of his time focusing on administrative law, business compliance acts, and more. Many of Bruno’s colleagues study criminal, family, and business law. However, Bruno Fagali noticed there was an urgency for lawyers in the field of administration and compliance.

After graduating college in University of Sao Paolo, Bruno Fagali partnered with several different law firms while getting his firm off the ground. Bruno Fagali quickly realized that he wanted to solely help the people of Brazil by making sure every business was upholding a spirit of integrity and fairness. Bruno Fagali hopes to open a firm in the United States very soon.

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