Ted Bauman Tells All in Interview with Ideamensch

Ted Bauman shared his ideas and motivations in an exclusive interview with IdeaMensch. Born in Washington D.C. and raised on the East Coast, Ted Bauman moved to South Africa where he earned degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. He had established himself within the non-profit sector in varying executive roles for 25 years, in which his work has influenced and helped millions of people in numerous countries. Joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, Mr. Bauman is currently editor of three major publications.

Mr. Bauman shares with IdeaMensch that the most productive time of the day for him is during the morning. He actively worked until 5 PM every day, remaining involved and informed on the trends and news his followers value. Mr. Bauman’s mission as a writer is to write on important topics in a way that’ll make his readers motivated to read more. He believes that through an easy-to-read style of writing that changes the perspective of each important topic he will be able to engage and inform his readers on all essential topics.

Mr. Bauman continues to share that one trend that excites him most is his readers’ tendencies to question the global economy. While Western economy had traditionally been a corporation-centered economy, his readers have started to question that financial strategy. What excites him most is seeing “ordinary” people become intrigued, invested, and lastly involved in finding a solution to the problems that free capital movement caused. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

Mr. Bauman discloses that the one bad habit he has is being stingy about tasks outside of work in the morning. Since the morning is his most productive time of day, he uses all of his morning drive towards work. Having worked several multiple minimum wage jobs, Mr. Bauman first-handedly experienced the working-class environment in which it reinforced his idea that a thriving economy includes all classes.

He continues to share that one of his regrets is not developing time management habits earlier in his life. He believes his productivity would have significantly increased over the years if he had been better at time management. His second regret is not learning the fundamentals of economics. Mr. Bauman’s recommendation that he follows himself is to upkeep being well-informed in essential topics.

Ted Bauman continues to share his recommendations and experience in his December interview with IdeaMensch.

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