Expanding Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Are Taking Dubai by Storm

There is a company in Dubai, who is at the top of the list since 2002, when it comes to luxury development in the Middle East. If you are a contractor, designer, or even an architect looking to make sure every detail is flawless when it comes to the vision of your project, investing in DAMAC has a proven track record of being the choice to go with. The DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani and the organization as a whole, takes pride in committing to its excellence of bringing top notch service to the table without compromising their values. Whether you are looking to choose a family home, or just want to get the expert advice you were looking for towards a property investment return, DAMAC will be there to help you along the process. For over 15 years Hussain Sajwani’s organization has delivered to 20,000 homes and counting.


The main reason they have been so successful is because they are dedicated to retaining and selecting talented employees to deliver state of the art building materials, exceeding the average quality standard, turning your projects into a luxurious destination. Hussain has been working alongside investors around the globe contributing in a major way to the story of Dubai’s real estate, regionally, and internationally. It’s because of these groundbreaking partnerships, that DAMAC is the powerhouse it is today, and only is expanding its horizons.


Some of the companies that work hand in hand with DAMAC, has created long term relationships with this firm, names like Fendi, Bugatti, The Trump Organization, Versace, and Paramount Hotels & Resorts to name a few. DAMAC has proven to be a major asset to those looking to make their luxurious dreams come true, and they are full of gratitude having the presence of Hussain Sajwani and his team be part of that!

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