The Habanero Pepper Exclusive with Joel Friant

Joel Friant is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and free-market enthusiast. He also worked in the real estate industry as well as product creation. His entrepreneur spirit leads him to several business ventures. He is most noted for his creation of the Original Habanero Shaker. His passion for the habanero Chile pepper was born after a high school classmate gave him one. However, he later traveled to Jamaica and tried different habanero pepper dishes.


Mr. Friant was disappointed that the habanero pepper wasn’t available on the market for people to try. When he was able to find the pepper, the taste was covered with salt and strong spices. However, his Habanero Shaker is made from a raw, dried, habanero pepper. He sold his Original Habanero Shaker to local grocery stores in Washington. His creation was also known as the Thai Guy. Its full of flavor and it’s convenient to add to any dish.


The Original Habanero Shaker is vegan, gluten free, additive free, and has no added spices. The Habanero Shake is free of salt and sugar. It’s approximately 30x hotter than a jalapeno pepper. The pepper is bursting with flavor and heat. The heat of the pepper coupled with the flavor makes it the perfect seasoning. The shaker is easy and convenient to store. People who buy the shaker rave about its flavorful taste.


The habanero Chile not only tastes good but is healthy too. The pepper contains Capsaicin. This triggers the brain to release endorphins. Once its released it acts as a painkiller. The brain enters a calm and relaxed state. The person has an overall feeling of well-being. This soothing effect is felt over a long period of time. The Original Habanero Shaker is described as tasting buttery. People say it’s the best combination of spicy and flavorful. It’s easy to use with its ergonomic design.


Mr. Friant considers himself a lifelong learner. He values the opinion of people who are successful. He has overcome obstacles in his life. He believes in speaking positively. Disciplining himself to speak positive words has brought him great success. He is dedicated to giving people the best-tasting pepper with the highest quality.

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