Hussain Sajwani: A Renowned Real Estate Developer!

Businessman Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Properties have developed and collaborated on groundbreaking real estate projects throughout the Middle East, and other select areas. Hussain Sajwani, creator, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer created the DAMAC Properties in 2002. Since the age of 3, he has been introduced to business practices and entrepreneurship under his father’s family shop. His father sold watches and pens and often missed out on family life due to business needs. Desiring something different than the lifestyle he has experienced, he began to seek out a medical career. The savvy scholar discontinued school and turned his sights on retail investments.


Mr. Sajwani’s first investment deal in Dubai would prove to be one of his first, well-thought-out real estate successes. Since then he has had the opportunity to partner with first-rate real estate developers. Through multiple partnerships, he has created multifamily high-rises, luxury hotels towers, exquisite golf resorts, and other high-end living structures. He concentrates on delivering a high level of quality to each project the DAMAC Properties undergoes. Hussain Sajwani remains in pursuit of cities that flourish with exuberant entertainment, fine dining, and posh retail venues. This, along with his deliberate attention to premium designer features, and well-appointed architecture embodies the absolute luxurious experience for his clientele.


Hussain Sajwani has a successful track record for growing and sustaining the Middle Eastern market. His forward-thinking company has joined the London Stock Exchange, making this the first Middle Eastern real estate business to accomplish such goals. DAMAC Properties has been recognized and awarded on multiple occasions for the innovations and visions that the company fosters. The clever developer and DAMAC are widely known for focusing creative energy on the Middle Eastern sector, such as the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia to name a few. Here, he has indelibly set the bar for lavishness. DAMAC has recently embarked on two major projects in Dubai that take up a total of 100 million square feet combined. These mega-golf resort projects are bound to spare no expenses. The company and DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani are undoubtedly known worldwide for their renown real estate development.

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