Aloha Construction Builds Better Homes And Communities

Aloha Construction is a premier general contractor operating from Lake Zurich, IL. The firm serves the greater Chicago area and the southern parts of Wisconsin among others.

Aloha Construction has close to a decade in the industry. The firm has quickly established a bold footprint on the property remodeling market in the region. It has completed over twenty thousand projects in the community since its launch.

Dave Farbaky established the privately-held firm in his native city of Lake Zurich. He is on a mission to deliver first-class construction services at prices their competitors can’t beat.

Though he is a smart guy with a laid-back attitude, Dave Farbaky is a committed family man and an influential role model in the local community. He is an inspiration to new entrepreneurs looking for mentorship.

Under his stellar leadership, the company has grown from a small family startup to become a formidable force in the construction industry. Today, the company is driving innovative excellence with a strong focus on safety and smart strategies.

The firm strives to maintain close relationships with other professionals in the industry including suppliers, subcontractors, insurance assessors, agents, and customers. Additionally, the firm has a strong focus on the customers.

It is committed to their satisfaction and strives to deliver well beyond their expectations. All the teams are well-trained on how to handle customers. This includes the sales, service crews and office staff.

Aloha Construction excels in renovation projects. This includes roofing services, sidings, gutters, and windows replacement. The firm employs an experienced team of professionals including field crews, installation specialists, clerical teams and claims experts.

The team works in harmony to deliver amazing value to property owners. Through Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky has a strong commitment to the local community. He runs the Dave Farbaky Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to children in need.

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