Jeff Yastine: The Editor At Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine might be the Editor at one of the Total Wealth insiders, but the financial experience and backing that he has brought to the table have genuinely transitioned the publication into something worth noting. Having studied journalism at the University of Florida, Yastine was bent on making a career in journalism and news reporting. Soon after graduating from University, he went on to start working at well-known television names like PBS. He served as a news anchor for the channel and served as the correspondent of the company based in Miami. He appeared numerous times on a television show called Nightly Business Report which helped make Yastine the well-known name that he is today. Every episode of the show got over a million viewers, and this was during a time where people had to tune into their televisions at a fixed time to watch a show, with no other means to get a recap. Read more at Talk Markets

After seeing how proficient he was while working for PBS, several other well-known names also decided to try and offer jobs as reporters and correspondents to Yastine. He was known for being able to identify early investment potential before anyone else and was able to implement that knowledge in a way that would help the viewers tuning into the shows. Through the years working as a television reporter, Jeff Yastine gained an incredible amount of experience with the financial world. He began implementing the advice that he was offering on his finances, which further stemmed people’s trust in what he had to offer.

While working as a reporter, Yastine also had the good fortune to meet some of the world’s leading investors and business manes. He has conducted interviews with people like Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Bill Gross and many more. By meeting and interviewing these incredibly big names, he was able to learn a lot more and get a better insight into the business and the workings of the field as a whole.

Being someone who didn’t inherently decide on entering into the financial scene, Yastine knew the challenges that people face when they are trying to make investments. He had the good fortune of being exposed to several influences of the financial field, and to work with several well-known names, but not everyone has those opportunities to learn and grow. Through his blog and Banyan Hill Publishing, he wants to try and extend a helping hand to as many people as possible to help them secure their finances in a better manner and earn better for themselves and their families. See more:



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