What is Enhanced Athlete Up To?

There are a lot of supplement companies out there, a pretty popular company happens to be Enhanced Athlete. Their actual title is a supplement research company. They are also a non-profit company dedicated to finding great products at all times perfect for all athletes. They have a lot of dedicated employees as well as customers which you will read about below backing their company making it one of the best supplement companies out there. Recently though there has been a little trouble in paradise for Enhanced Athlete which hopefully will be resolved sooner rather than later.


The Enhanced brand also has two other companies one called Enhanced Coaching while the other is called Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Coaching is a program for individuals to learn how to build muscle and burn fat as fast and as safe as possible. The company has hand selected coaches to work with people to find the best way for them to start to feel and look better at the same time. Enhanced Gear is a website in which customers can find all of their favorite working out gear to enhance any of their workouts to help them along their journey.


Nutrition Distribution, a sports supplement manufacturer, and competitor to Enhanced Athlete happens to be suing the company for alleged false advertising. According to the court documents, Nutrition Distribution is not happy after learning of a man who is actively advertising himself as the CEO and bossman of Enhanced Athlete but is actually none of that at all he just happens to be a brand ambassador. This means he is most likely sponsored by the company to use the products as well as post about them.


Enhanced Athlete has not done anything to stop the continuous Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts telling many people who he is, what products he uses and who he supposedly works for. Enhanced Athlete has not bothered to speak out and tell their fan base whether or not this man is really an employee or not. But according to Nutritional Distribution, this man is not affiliated with the company and should not be advertising as such.

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