Celebrating Louis Chenevert Successful Career at United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert was the former chairman and the chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation. He became the president and the CEO in April 2008 and later in January 2010, he was elected as the Chairman. Since then, he served in those positions until when he retired in the year 2014 November. Earlier on, he had served as the president and the chief operating officer and the director of the United Technologies in 2006. Later on, served as the President of Pratt and Whitney from April 1999 to the year 2006.

Louis Chenevert narrates in an interview with ideamensch that as a CEO in the multi-national global organization, the United Technologies, he got various approaches towards understanding the needs of customers and the passion for delivering great products in a cycle of 30-year products. This was to strengthen the portfolio of the company. Louis Chenevert says that while he was working at the United Technologies Corporation, he had a great focus on the engineering and operational talents and that would help deliver ideas for great results. This would satisfy the customer needs and bring in revenue to the company. He used to maintain a good focus on the operational leadership team and the small teams by ensuring that they have the right tools, autonomy, and funds. After that, Louis Chenevert could do a thorough review to ensure that the objectives are carefully met. In summary of his talk, Louis Chenevert says that for every company desiring success, there is need to focus in getting the appropriate team, have strategies of overcoming obstacles, appreciate & motivate the employees, and ensure there is a delight in customers. More to this is rewarding the aspect of risk-taking.

Louis Chenevert is a firm legacy at United Technologies Corporation who can never be left out. He led to great accomplishments to his retirement time, and the fruits are still being reaped today. He left the company better than how he found it by maintaining a great focus on essential matters of innovation, making long-term decisions, and a genuine concern for the people in the company. Through his service as the chairman and the CEO, Louis Chenevert brought so many manufacturing jobs in the company and the entire U.S.


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