Clay Hutson: The Veteran Production And Sound Engineer

Clay Hutson is a multi talented and experienced music production and sound engineer. Hutson has been very passionate about music from a very tender age, and after years of hard work and dedication, He was able to turn his passion into a career.


Hutson started off by getting a Bachelor’s degree in theater design from Central Michigan University. He proceeded to M. Ross School of Business where he secured his Master’s degree in Business Administration.


Having done with school, Hutson went on to secure jobs related to his music passion. He started off as project manager for different live production companies. After gaining much ground and experiences needed, Clayton started his own music business.


Hutson specializes in sound engineering, live production and rigging services. His services entails production design and management, as well as provision of logistics and stage management. He has secured many gigs based on recommendations from clients who were satisfied with his services.


Hutson has worked with prominent music artistes in the music industry. The likes of Pink, Guns N’ Roses, Garbage, and Kelly Clarkson, have all worked with Hutson in the course of their career. Last year, Hutson was opportune to work with the sensational group, One republic. He was in charge of their Honda Civic Tour rigging system. He has carved out a name for himself in the music industry for his skills and professionalism in design, engineering, and production.


Hutson has faced many challenges through his journey towards stardom. One of the challenges which affected him financially was the legal battle he faced with one of the production company he worked for. It happens that one of the company’s client was having problem with the company, and wanted to work with Hutson outside the company. Hutson agreed to work with the client, and this led to the production company suing him. He lost about $150,000 to the legal battle but was able to bounce back and move forward.


Hutson’s success in the music industry can be attributed to his hard work and passion for the business. He was very dedicated to every of his projects. He crosschecks his work over and over to ensure that the final output has no fault whatsoever. He also associates himself with hardworking people regardless of their personal attitude. In as much as there’s a solid work ethic and quality, Hutson will work with you. Learn more:

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