Doe Deere Paves The Way For Successful Unicorns In The MakeUp Industry

There aren’t that many people out there that really lives, demonstrates the “spice of life” concept and to top if off, run a successful business that thrives on that very concept. One such person who firmly sticks to an old standard and that’s for a person to be them self unless they have a proclivity to be a unicorn and if said proclivity is plausible, then shoot for the stars as said unicorn.

Doe Deere, owner of Lime Crime is a star powered unicorn who’s breaking barriers and taking names (for her email list) and being successful as a unicorn can be. Doe Deere is definitely not the “in the box” kind of person, she is a person who believes that by incorporating your weirdness, you perfectly focus and create a happy medium whereby you can embrace being your self. Doe Deere holds unique concepts such as thinking that ideas are equated to being like children and these ideas need are raised the same way. The “not the norm thinking”, is what solidifies the strong foundation of Doe Deere’s business. In addition, one could say that Doe Deere concept’s are killing other businesses, because they take themselves too seriously and she is just blazing right past them as a result. With proactive listening, Doe Deere gleans important information nuggets from her customers, employees and even people who don’t like her and incorporates that information into the way that she operates her business. By pairing information nuggets with her possibly precocious ” evolving ideas” Doe Deere yields solid competitive avenues that run circles around the competition. Her success is aided by an amazing team that advances her “ideas” even though they may be riddled with hurdles to over come. Just to stay on track, Doe and her staff test and wear every product before it sees any shelf, because it’s extremely important that every product is worthy of her client base. In addition, it is Doe Deere’s intuition that meticulously guides the process from idea to product and without question she totally trust her instinct. Doe Deere knows exactly what is right for her brand and by having 8 years of success, there’s no reason for to not trust her instinct.

One core, major driving force of Lime Crime is to disrupt the entire process of consuming makeup. Ms. Deere celebrates her disruption of the makeup industry from inception of her ground breaking products, to the way you purchase her products and to the way you use her products. In the eyes of Doe Deere, one of the most important thing that’s associated with the use of her products is the way they make you, as a person feel when you use her products. Doe Deere’s products are made to amplify your “inner unicorn” that she herself strives to be. Doe Deere wants to be just like you, an unapologetic unicorn, full of self expression. One last note to mention about Lime Crime is, the quality of Doe Deere’s merchandise is of a higher caliber than similar competitors. Lime Crime is endorsed by PETA via a Cruelty Free certification and they are also certified by Leaping Bunny as Vegan.


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