The Departure of Daniel Taub

When Daniel Taub met the queen to announce his service as an ambassador in the State of Israel, he wore his kippah on his head. Although born and raised in the United Kingdom, this was his way of declaring his allegiance and dedication to his native Orthodox Jewish religion and traditions.

He was ready to give up his British citizenship for the privilege of living and raising his children in their historic homeland of Israel. His love for the United Kingdom, the home of his ancestors for the past generations, has made the work of bridging the two countries even more fulfilling.

After four years of serving his post as ambassador, he left Great Britain to return to Israel. On his leaving, a farewell reception was made in which the guests expressed their sorrow to see him leave.

Taub has been in the middle of crisis situations and has stood up for Israel’s troubles in front of the British government and media. His has looked for cooperation between the two countries in whichever way he could.

Great Britain has played a pivotal role in his job as Israel greatly looks up to the country. Britain is a financial and a media center to the world. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Causes of concern that Taub addressed for the Israeli government is the agreement of Iran for their nuclear capabilities and not keeping up with the agreement. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

There are also positives in the region although – not all is bad. Egypt and Jordan have resolved their conflict. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf States have also achieved peace with the state of Israel.

His stress is also on the antisemitic moods in Europe and the Middle East although things have improved in the recent past. He feels that Britain is not a part of this and is very helpful to the Jewish cause.

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