How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Shaped His Career In The Banking Sector

It is factual that organizational leadership is a dominant dual force focused on the managerial approach that works in unison for individuals in a group. Moreover, corporate strategy is also an approach and work ethic made to empower an individual in any of the roles in a company. While looking at every aspect of organizational leadership, it would be prudent to highlight every component that seems vital for a company to function. Like illustrated by Luiz Carlos Trabuco, organizational leadership extends to significant transitions in the leadership structure.

Background Data

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco as a teenager. First working as an office clerk, he pursued significant leadership roles by putting in a lot of work in developing substantial client relations while at work. Thereafter, the board of directors thought that it was wise to promote him to serve as the chairman of the board of directors. For more than eight years, he served under Brandao de Mello, the former president of the company. While serving, he made sure that he garnered vast managerial skills from Branda who was then his role model and mentor. Over the years, he learned to incorporate significant strategies and policies that worked for the development of the bank.


The Major Transition

Because in an organization change is inevitable, Banco Bradesco faced a few but significant changes recently. In late 2017, the banking institution announced a new development of changes in leadership. For starters, Brandao de Mello was resigning after more than three decades of service. Because of his resignation, the company needed a replacement. At that moment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the only leader who fit into Brandao de Mello’s shoes. Therefore, he took over and served as the president for about five months.


After the five months of service, the board of directors decided to hold a meeting and discuss the way forward. It was mentioned that Octavio de Lazari was the best match for the job. Therefore, after a series of meetings, Octavio de Lazari was announced as the new president. Of course, his election was based on his strengths and significant contributions to the development of the bank. Other than that, it was clear that he has been supportive of major projects in the bank.

The Outline

As Octavio de Lazari takes over, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is set to continue serving in his initial position according to As such, it is clear that with the dedication of the two leaders, Banco Bradesco is set to soar even higher.


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