Dr. Rick Shinto, Lying in the Beauty of It All

Everything Rick Shinto touches excels. Shinto, the President, and CEO of InnovaCare Health has proven to be a vital asset to the company’s growth before and after Penelope Kokkinides arrival. Dr. Rick Shinto, having begun his career in Southern California, has grown into one of the most successful pulmonologist’ and corporate heads in the world.

In short, InnovaCare Health is the success it is because of Dr. Rick. The alumnus of the University of California, the University of New York, and the University of Redlands has had one hell of a career and has even coined many clinically and health-related articles in his lifetime.

So, why is Rick Shinto the most respected at InnovaCare? Shinto, since his arrival at the company, has advocated for market expansion all with the aim of benefitting patients. Doctor Rick has proven to be an inspirational to his peers as he has time and again motivated everyone at the corporation to be the best version they can be. Indeed, it has been a collective effort for InnovaCare Health to thrive with Rick Shinto at the top.

InnovaCare Health has more than transformed since Rick became its CEO in 2012. The physician has brought good tidings to the organization and its surrounding communities by introducing affordable healthcare for all. Today, people in Puerto Rico are happy because they can afford treatments that were in the past costly to a vast majority of them.

Like I said, InnovaCare Health is not only bigger but also better. Its new system of affordable medication and treatment has made the corporation the most preferred in matters health since patients can still receive quality at an affordable price.

Mr. Shinto worked for Aveta Inc. before making his debut in InnovaCare. It is while at the institution that Rick got to receive the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur OF The Year Award, a hallmark of the good doctor’s successes as the Chief Executive Officer. One thing that we pick from Rick’s stay in InnovaCare Health and Aveta Inc. is that Dr. Rick Shinto is an excellent and selfless leader who wants nothing than the best for others.

Doctor Shinto has also worked with NAMM AND THE Medical Pathways Management Company. In a nutshell, Rick Shinto is one of the greatest additions InnovaCare Health has ever had as he has brought good tidings to Puerto Ricans, a people that had suffered from diseases and other calamities for years.



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