The humble beginning of OSI Group, one of the leading food suppliers internationally

The success and the flourishment of any given business depend significantly on the determination and commitment of the owners. For example, OSI Group which is one of the largest suppliers of food in the world is one of the companies that have experienced rapid growth and development over many years of its operations. It is unbelievable that the company was started as a family business by Otto Kolschwsky who was an American Immigrant. He started as a butcher that used to supply meat to the immigrant community in Chicago. It shows that he had entrepreneurial characters because when he saw that he had great potential to expand the business, he put more effort that he transformed it into a wholesale business.

This was not his stopping point. When he saw that the customers to his business continued to increase due to the economic growth and development that was being experienced at that time in the United States, he decided to rebrand the company into a family business the Otto and Sons. After some years of operation, they were able to transform the company into a sizeable corporate business known as the Group.

OSI Group made a lot of efforts to ensure that the business grew to unimaginable levels. They became the leading suppliers of McDonald Restaurant where the owner was impressed by their services and the quality products that they used to supply them. McDonald Restaurant had a lot of Franchise businesses in the country, and because of a large number of the customers they used to serve, the Otto and Sons got a golden opportunity to increase their market share through McDonald Restaurants. They even launched a separate plant that was exclusively meant for McDonald’s supplies.

After some years of operation, they attained a technological breakthrough where they invented the Flash freezing –Cryogenic Food processing that involved freezing of food products using liquid nitrogen that enable the transport of food over long distances which increased the market share of the OSI Group.

OSI Group continued to grow under the Otto and Sons until it reached the time for them to retire. Despite their retirement, the company continued to grow since they were wise to choose the next manager of the company. They appointed Lavin who was one of their most trusted partners as the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. She had much experience in the banking sector and as an entrepreneur.


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