Stream Energy’s Interesting Payment System for Its Customers

The name, “Stream Energy” has been appearing a lot lately in regard to web searches and energy services. The fact of the matter is that Stream Energy does much more than provide electricity to seven states.

Stream Energy provides wireless telephone communications throughout the United States and it also provides home protection services as well. This is a unique company, offering top-notch customer service and a multi-level marketing system wherein the customer can make money by introducing the service to others.

Paperless billing is available in order to save natural resources. A customer can pay automatically through bank account debits, and will never have to worry about having a late payment or sending off a check in the mail. Time can be saved over making a telephone call as well, since the payment is automatic and completely free.,

The rapidly expanding company was created in 2005 by two young entrepreneurs, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. Following the deregulation of electric companies and electricity in Texas, the two young men decided on a system of multi-level marketing in order to spread the word about their new company.

The new company’s reputation for quality customer service and its impeccable reputation quickly expanded to seven states, and the company began to offer other staples as well. They offer mobile phone service and home protection equipment and services.

Since its primary sales channel is multi-level marketing, the costs of advertising is kept down, and the rates of the services provided indicate a savings for customers.

Customers are provided with many different options in bill payment, such as automatic payments, on-line payments, and telephone representatives.

Ad mentioned before, one can save natural resources with their payment system, called a “My Stream” account. With its convenience and customer service, Stream Energy is a business model whose time has come.

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