Battling Educational Failure in Urban Public Schools

There has been an all-out war against some of America’s charter schools. There are those in the public education sector who believe that vilifying charter schools will redeem public school systems from their failure.

Certainly, it is easy to assess that part of urban school failure is the gang mentality that has infiltrated many urban school districts leaders. Like the acclaimed movie “Oliver Twist”, there is a group of dysfunctional adults who bully and use surly behavior while leading the young into more perpetuated dysfunction while claiming victory over urban hardships.

Many Board of Education administrators are quick to harshly condemn any slight from a charter school, they disavow the massive failings in their own districts. It has become a virtual war for power over the funding and platforms for educating children. The mentality has grown into you are “either with us or against us” mentality.

One of the more well-known targets in this battle has been Rocketship Education, this charter school platform has been able to show a wide range of successes in urban education. This includes some of the toughest regions in the country including Washington DC, Nashville, Milwaukee and San Jose. Hardline Progressives have launched a consistent attack against the Charter Schools fearing they undermine the power of the public education system, labor unions and the power they hold.

By contrast to the standard education systems, Rocketship Education Charter Schools are part of a growing movement of a group known as Reformers who want to reshape the status quo in education. The goal is better education platforms that help urban children have a better chance of success in life. The belief is that poverty is changed through educational empowerment instead of a lifetime of government entitlement and low education.

Rocketship Education has been very successful in taking the war against substandard education platforms for low income urban children. They currently are serving 8,500 elementary children that are from the Washington DC, Nashville, Milwaukee and San Jose areas and bringing them into a system of education with that performs in the top 10% of the countries urban schools. For the children fortunate enough to be in these systems, their future is being redefined by a successful education foothold where they can build dreams and have success in their learning.

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