Scientist Claim Heal And Soothe Can Reduce Joint Pain

Heal And Soothe is an herbal supplement aimed specifically at people with joint pain. It contains all-natural ingredients, that individually, have been shown to reduce inflammation in some medical studies.


Heal And Soothe contains ginger root which not only is a stomach soothing product, it has anti-inflammatory benefits. Like ginger root, there are other herbs that have been used to fight inflammation in western culture that had its beginnings in Asian culture. These include devil’s claw, turmeric and yucca root. They have been used in ancient cultures for centuries to treat pain, arthritis and swelling.


Heal And Soothe also contains enzymes. Enzymes help break down substances, in particular, proteins, in our bodies. These proteolytic enzymes metabolize proteins that cause inflammation like prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are proteins that the body produces in an effort to reduce pain and swelling, but they decrease in number as people age. This renders them less likely to do their jobs. Heal And Soothe’s Proteolytic Enzyme Formula are thought to help break down these inflammatory markers and reduce pain and stiffness from swelling.


Rutin is a compound found in fruits that also contains many anti-oxidant properties along with the natural fruit enzymes papain and bromelain. They are present in pineapple.


Heal also boasts some powerful anti-oxidant agents in addition to ginger root. Turmeric is a natural herb often used in Asian cooking. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties have been thought to reduce pain sensations in a similar manner to that of over the counter pain medications like aspirin and ibuprofen. It appears to reduce some of the proteins that are produced when pain is present.


Those compounds and citrus flavonoids present in fruits like oranges that contain a large amount of vitamin C, help rebuild collagen and joint tissue. They are essential to the diet for healing and tissue repair. See This Page for additional information.


The natural ingredients in Heal And Soothe do not have the side effects that come with over the counter and prescription medications. Patients should always check with their doctors prior to taking herbal supplements.


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