Ann Scango: Texas Recognizes Her Art And So Should The World

Being an artist, you have to find what works for you. Ann Scango knows that art is everywhere in the world. And because of her observation, Scango takes twigs, polyurethane foam, and mulch to create beautiful sculptures. As an artist, Ann Scango has been recognized in Texas for creating 3-D art.


While in her adolescence, Ann Scango was inspired by Lady Bird Johnson. The inspiration taught Ann to appreciate the world and all its little treasures. Scango travels and encourages others to find art and recognize how valuable every piece of treasure is in the world. Ann Scango finds that nature is linked to humanity. With that in mind, Ann Scango believes that her sculptures can impact the world.

Ann knows that she is set apart from other artists because of what she is willing to do with the pieces that she finds along her journey. Often times, Ann feels that music helps to inspire her creativity. She thinks that every artist can find some other form of art outside of their primary focus. For example, in Ann Scango’s perspective, a musician is an artist. Those that focus on sounds as art find their pieces vocally. Scango chooses to silently work to produce a collage of “silent sounds.” She values her choices, and as an artist, Ann Scango would love to team up with other people.

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By starting off with family members as her customers, Ann went on to notice that each individual artist has a spiritual connection that empowers their artistic abilities. Ann uses social media as a platform to find customers and to promote what she loves to do. Ann works at a gallery, but because of her passion, she finds herself stepping away from the gallery to go on an artistic search. Ann Scango continues to find art to be intriguing, valuable, influential, and modern.

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