Roseann Bennet Use OF Canine Treatment For Mental Health Issues

Roseann Bennett is the president of the northern chapter of the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. She has more than 10 years in the career of mental Health and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.


Roseanne Bennet in 2010 opened The Center for Assessment and Treatment which she cofounded. The center helps those in the community who have mental health issues. The center has added to its services and treatment the use of canine assisted therapy. It receives no funding for its mental health services. She does not turn away clients if they are not able to pay but, rather Bennett finds new and innovative methods to help her clients.


She became interested in Canine Assisted Therapy while working with children. Dogs make children calm and comfortable therefore making it the first step to make them open up. Roseann Bennet has a therapy dog called Jack who helps in making clients relax. Jack will not be used if there is a better and more efficient treatment.

Therapy dogs and service dogs are different. Service dogs are trained to help people with special needs while, therapy dogs address emotional needs and are particularly useful with people with anxiety disorders or autism.


Therapy dogs were first used for therapy in 1976 after Elaine Smith noticed that people stopped to visit when a dog was brought around by a chaplain was helping them. She started a Canine Assisted Therapy program where different facilities would be visited by training dogs in order to help them.


Some breeds are better at being therapy dogs than others. Dog breeds such as German shepherds, Grey hounds are example of good therapy dog breeds. The dogs have to have basic obedience training, should be calm and are able to handle new people, situations and settings. Get More Information Here.


Therapy dogs help out in different setting because of their love and affection. Setting such as nursing homes, schools, hospitals, libraries and mental health centers.


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