Dr. Dov Rand Is An Advocate Against Unnecessary Anti-Aging Symptoms

Dov Rand, MD is a multi-disciplinarian physician in the field of physical medicine/rehabilitation, psychiatry, and as a bio-identical hormone specialist. Dr. Rand was educated at the College of Medicine at Howard University (Washington, DC). He continued his studies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York City) and at St. Barnabas Medical Center (New Jersey).


He customizes treatments and designs educational programs to assist his patients who are disabled with debilitating menopause symptoms, depression, short-term memory loss, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, andropause, uncontrolled weight gain, severe hot flashes, and more.


Dr. Rand has a goal to create services to help his patients to improve their quality of life as they age. He states that when he attended Albert Einstein Medical Center, he was introduced to the principal of treating not just diseases but to include treatments for the mind and spirit.


As a result, Dr. Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. His centers provide dietary programs, fitness programs, age management treatments, concierge medicine treatments, cosmetic procedures, IV therapy and many other integrative programs and solutions.


Dov Rand believes that he has discovered a symbiotic relationship between good and bad hormones that is a contributing factor in aging. In his hormone treatment programs and services, Dr. Rand uses chemically identical hormones that succinctly mimics the actions of what natural hormones do within the body.


Dr. Rand has statistics to show that his patients soon show better energy levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels are leveled. His patients also experience fewer depression symptoms and there have been fewer cases of patients with cancer or heart diseases.


Dr. Dov Rand is working on a book entitled “It’s Not Too Late To Live Past 100.” Dr. Rand is not a fan of prescribing a lot of pills to address certain aging symptoms. Much of Dr. Rand’s bio-identical programs concentrate on fitness, nutrition, and specialized supplements.


Dov Rand, MD is an active member of the New York Age Management Medicine Group and the A4M Society. The A4M is a global organization that oversees research on educational aging solutions. Its membership consists of specialists in the field of government, public healthcare, researchers, scientists, professionals, and physicians.


Dr. Rand is certified in the following principals:


o regenerative medicine

o anti-aging medicine

o functional medicine


Dr. Dov Rand is also certified through the Millenium TBI Network and he serves as a consultant to Elite Health Care in the country of China.

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