Jeff Aronin: Setting Trends in Biotechnology

Jeff Aronin heads Paragon Biosciences, a biotech incubator and investment firm he set up to help patients living with severe and rare diseases, which often have no treatment options. Jeff is also a board member of the Museum of Science and Industry, Discover Financial Services, and the Economic Club of Chicago. Under his leadership, the Food and Drug Administration has approved 14 new treatment options in the past decade. Jeff and his team are inspired by technological innovation to develop new treatments.


Paragon Biosciences works to identify and come up with new and innovative treatments that exceed those that are already in existence. As much as many scientists have succeeded in creating revolutionary treatment options, Jeff Aronin believes that he can take the biotechnology industry to a whole new level. He is very innovative and uses his experience and skills to come up with different medical approaches for treating patients with rare diseases. His company has a network of companies that hire leading researchers who are skilled and passionate about biotechnology.


Jeff Aronin’s biotechnology firm has already created waves in the industry, having developed 14 innovative treatments that were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In December 2017, Jeff received a Weizmann Award from The Weizmann Institute. The institute acknowledges a medical professional every year who is committed to improving other people’s lives. The institute supports technology and in particular, the technology that serves to improve health. Whether it’s commercializing or developing new medicines, Jeff understands the importance and urgency of doing what is required for patients.


At his workplace, his colleagues describe him as passionate, patient, focused and mission-driven. All these attributes fuel his persistent motivation to deliver to patients who need new treatment options. Besides the 14 new medications Jeff and his team at Paragon Pharmaceuticals have introduced to the market, he is also helping to develop future innovation by establishing MATTER, a healthcare startup incubator based in Chicago with more than 200 companies in different development stages. By doing this, Jeff Aronin is creating a platform for the next generation of future medical experts.


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