The Chainsmokers Recognitions

The Chainsmokers was primarily made up of DJ Rhett Bixler and Alex Pall. The former DJ left the band which was later re-established under as an EDM DJ duo in the year 2012 thanks to its manager Adam Alpert. The re-formation consisted of Alex Pall and Taggart. Taggart was introduced to his co-member of the Chainsmokers by Alpert.

The duo had their first live performance in September 2014 at Terminal 5 for the opening of Timeflies. The duo released their first hit called #Selfie that was re-released Dim Mark Records in January 2014. The producer also streamed it to Republic Records. The duo received recognition as the hit became an internationally famous hit. Indeed, the song changed the lives of the pair completely.

Pall and Taggart worked hard in the industry by releasing several singles. One of their most popular singles is Do Not Open that is one of their hits in the Memories album. The hit has been trending for more than a year now since it was officially released.

Presently, Memories…Do Not Open is still at the top on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums Charts. It attained the mark to become the most popular hit under the category of dance/electronic labels. The single does not seem to lose its popularity any soon.

The single ties with the favorite Demon Days that was released by Gorillaz and is currently in its 13th year of consecutive blazing. However, the Gorillaz’s hit has no hope for future trending while there is a likelihood that Memories…Do Not Open will continue to be the favorite even in the future.

The hit simultaneously debuted for the first time as number one in both the all-genre Billboard 200 and the Top Dance/Electronic Albums lists last April. At the time, the duo was at the top for producing songs that conquered the Top 40 Radio while leaving listeners and fans with a thirst for more. Even though the single did not dominate the top 10 for the Billboard 200 for so long, the hit has never missed out in the top five on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing for over a month now.

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