Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart: The Chainsmokers

Do you ever wonder how your favorite music groups end up collaborating? In an Interview Magazine article, The Chainsmokers talk about how two guys from totally different backgrounds came together to create fun, beautiful music. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are no strangers to the music industry, as both have a pretty extensive background in DJing before coming together to create the hit group The Chainsmokers. Pall was a DJ around New York City and Taggart was working in Maine when their current manager introduced the two, they began working together right away. The initial focus of their collaboration was dance music but eventually they both realized that they were limiting themselves. With their background in DJing, it has been a struggle to identify themselves as more than just “DJs” that play dance music. They’ve since released music that could be classified as not only dance, but also hip-hop, indie, as well as pop. Pall and Taggart have also started to write about their life experiences, including songs about sex that some would consider unsexy, but their ultimate goal is to learn and evolve while their audience continues to grow. Pall and Taggart have noticed that their fan base is starting to see an age shift, as well as a cultural shift with fans in South Africa and the United States, ranging anywhere from age 6 to the over 30 crowd and they are starting to see a good mix of boys and girls at their shows. One of their highlights in their career was having the chance to work with Halsey, who has established herself very well in the music industry in her own unique way, with a powerful voice and sense of style. They credit their success to traveling the world multiple times and not doing the same thing repeatedly, but rather pushing themselves to do new and exciting things while on tour.

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