Dr. Saad Saad: Renowned Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad’s illustrious if not peculiar career began in Palestine, where Saad assumed a pivotal role at the King Specialist Hospital. Given his extensive educational background and innate skills, Saad was revered in his trade. With that said, it’s no wonder he was tasked with carrying out surgical procedures of a demanding nature. His claim to fame betided after Saad performed surgery on a young boy who’d been afflicted by an aneurysm, which was an unprecedented undertaking at the time. It was at this juncture when Saad’s prowess as a surgeon blossomed, in turn enabling him to mushroom in his domain. Following his stint at the King Specialist Hospital, Saad uprooted his life in Palestine and relocated to the United States. While pursuing the American Dream, Saad uncovered his vast skill set.


Over the years, Saad’s become a standout in the realm of pediatric surgery. In essence, Saad is responsible for overseeing the safe removal of foreign objects from a child’s esophagus or trachea. Not surprisingly, Saad’s cultivated a few tricks of the trade during his profession. What’s more, he’s become a man of many comical albeit hair-raising stories. Moreover, Saad became so versed in his trade that he formulated an all-new implement. In short, Saad refined the endoscope, an instrument used to analyze an individual’s internal parts, by incorporating a feature that sucks up the amount of saliva a patient produces, thus making the overall process increasingly efficient. While his professional feats are undoubtedly commendable, the two most noteworthy moments in Saad’s career consist of unusual circumstances.


Though Saad boasts 40 years of industry experience, two stories stand out from the rest. The first is the tale of a six-year-old girl who accidentally swallowed a loose tooth while coughing. Unfortunately, she feared she would miss out on the mystical tooth fairy experience. Being the noble man he is, Saad dislodged the tooth and returned it to the parents who promptly gave the tooth to the elusive tooth fairy, in turn restoring the girl’s faith in whimsical wonder. The next head-scratching story follows a 14-year-old child who’d managed to swallow an entire toothbrush. When asked if he’d intentionally inhaled something of that size, the child fibbed. However, Saad suffers few illusions, and an X-ray quickly revealed that the adolescent had indeed consumed the toothbrush. Suffice it to say, Saad’s no stranger to the unpredictabilities of life. Learn more : https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12

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