Betsy DeVos Is More Than Meets The Eye

Betsy DeVos is the longtime wife of Dick DeVos, an heir to the publicly-traded company Amway – DeVos is also known as the now-former chief executive officer of the company, where he served the consumer goods distribution company from 1993 to 2002.


While Betsy DeVos has and will always claim that her true joy in life is being a proud wife to her husband Dick, she’s best known around the nation as the 11th and current United States Secretary of Education, a position she was appointed to by United States President Donald Trump shortly after he was sworn into office. Ms. DeVos assumed the responsibilities of the US Secretary of Education, part of the Department of Education, a federal government agency, on February 7, 2017.


Although she might not look like it, Elisabeth Dee Prince was born on January 8, 1958, and grew up in Holland, Michigan, a small town located in the southwestern quadrant of the Wolverine State.


Edgar Prince, Betsy’s father, founded the Prince Corporation, a company that was eventually purchased by Johnson Controls for over one billion dollars at the time of sale. As such, Betsy was fortunate enough to grow up in an upper-class household. Betsy’s brother Eric D. Prince is a former Navy Seal and is best known as the founder and former chief executive officer of Blackwater USA, a security firm that contracts exclusively with the government.


Betsy DeVos went to a Christian private school throughout her younger years – she never once went to public school. Further, Dick DeVos was educated by private primary and secondary schools, as well. As such, many people question whether Ms. DeVos is fit to serve the United States as the Secretary of Education, a department of the federal government that is inherently concerned with public schools – and not so much their private counterparts.


While she hasn’t been a part of public education until she was nominated by President Trump for her position early last year, Betsy DeVos has, in fact, consistently been involved in politics since 1982.


DeVos has always been a supporter of Republicans; the first party she volunteered for and participated in is the Michigan Republican Party, a state-level conservative political party she first served as the delegate of a local precinct close to where she lived in Michigan. She was elected to the position 16 times in a row.


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