OSI Food Solutions: Innovative Solutions in Food Processing

Food processing is more than managing and producing food products. There is an entire logistical system that must be handled efficiently. If a food retailer’s products aren’t fresh, or if the products aren’t on time, that retailer will lose money. In most cases, the majority of food retailers in the world do not produce their own foods. Retailers tend to order their products from professional food providers, and this is where OSI Food Solutions come into the picture. This particular company is the cream of the crop, especially when it comes to food production. It’s also one of the largest private companies in America.

OSI Food Solutions has a history that retrogrades back to the early 1900s. Its owner, Otto Kolschowski, immigrated to the US along with hundreds of thousands of Germans before the postwar economic expansion. In 1928, the company was just a small meat locker that was located in Oak Park, Illinois. People from all over the region shopped here for fresh meats. As success increased, the company transitioned into a wholesaler of food products. Maywood, Illinois, became the new headquarters and business continued to boom thereafter. Otto’s two sons, Arthur and Harry, took over at the leadership position years later, and they were able to secure many lucrative deals. McDonald’s became the company’s first prominent client. This agreement took place amongst Harry, Arthur and Ray Kroc, the former CEO of McDonald’s. To meet the demands of the general public, OSI Food Solutions began to open numerous facilities across the US. California, Iowa, Utah and Wisconsin hosted some of the most advanced facilities in this exclusive field of work. To know more about the company click here.

As of today, OSI Food Solutions is headquartered in the city of Aurora, Illinois, and it has established itself as the leading food provider in the US. Thanks to the company’s strong ambition, OSI Food Solutions will continue on its track to the apex of the industry.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://de.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

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