Todd Levine Prolific Skills in the Law Industry

Todd Levine is a prominent commercial litigation attorney. He has handled approximately all sorts of complex business disputes. This has earned him incredible experience and broad skills. Todd has a great focus on commercial real estate litigation. He usually represents individuals in real estate departments such as developers, real estate brokers, buyers and sellers, lending institutions, property managers, investors, owners, contractors and sub-contractors in disputes that are caused by commercial real estate projects and transactions. Todd Levine has also dealt with various cases within investment partnerships and specialized finance plans. He has also handled a wide range of disputes in entertainment and sporting industries.


Todd Levine implements his creativity and analytical skills in developing a unique mechanism that other lawyers may ignore or overlook. This may at times imply honing in a single key piece of concealed evidence that will build or break a case. This may at times indicate that development of a legal argument that will provide clarity and affirmation in case the dispute turns out to be murky. Most of his clients barely know that apart from being a vast skilled commercial litigation attorney, he is also an artist and a musician. This combination (creativity and analytical skills) helps him to develop outstanding approaches in handling and solving sophisticated issues.


Todd has an incredible educational background. He pursued his education at the University of Florida and graduated in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He then proceeded and studied law at the Florida Levine College of Law where he graduated in 1991 with honors. His blending of creativity and analytical skills helped him to be featured as the best lawyer in America Award for Real Estate Litigation by the World Report and US News in 2018. He has also been highlighted by Super Lawyers Business Edition, Daily Business Review, Florida Trend Magazine and the South Florida Business Journal due to his many achievements.

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