Peter Briger’s Significant Role in the Management of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is one of the few gentlemen who deserves most of the credit for the consistent exemplary performance of Fortress Investment Group over the years. Since it was established, Fortress Group has been shinning its star in the investment management industry, eventually becoming the leading performer in the sector for the past several years in a row. In all these achievements, Peter Briger happens to have a stake, and most of them are due to the unique expertise and skills that he holds in the management of portfolios and leadership. During the formation of Fortress Investment Group, Briger was not part of the founders. He was a senior employee at a reputable financial institution in New York, Goldman Sachs. He would later come to join the company in 2002 when Fortress was in need of an expert to transform the organization into a multiple-asset strategy manager from being a single private equity company.

Since Peter Briger came to Fortress Group, a lot of transformations have occurred, most of which he has initiated and spearheaded. One of these transformations involved the primary reason why he was recruited to the organization, making it a multiple asset manager. Immediately after joining Fortress, Briger introduced Real estate into the company’s asset strategies. He also brought into the portfolio, hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles, and credit fund. All these were meant to reduce the investment risk of the company as well as increase the sources of the organization’s investment funds. Peter Briger oversaw all these changes as the CEO of the company.

Another major transformation that happened under the guidance and management of Peter Briger was the invitation of the public to participate in the investment trading of Fortress Group’s shares. This was a strategy to make the company trade publicly and as a result, raise investment funds from the participating public. This was an unusual practice for private firms to declare IPOs, but Fortress Investment Group decided to break the ceiling. At first, a lot of criticism was directed to the firm amid the decision. However, later the critics came to swallow their criticism after they observed the manner in which the decision had transformed the company.

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