Roseann Bennett Is A Leading Family Therapist In New Jersey


Over the years, Roseann Bennett has focused her time working with families and couples for in-home visits. Roseann helps through a variety of different methods as well as provides management for different cases. With more than a decade of experience working around the region, Roseann Bennett has become well-respected throughout her community.

To top that off, Bennett also started up the Center for Assessment and Treatment along with her husband in order to help people in need with their personal and mental health issues. There are many different challenges that people are facing and Roseann has created a safe place for anyone to come and get treatment from around New Jersey.

While there are many people who are capable and aware enough to go to therapy or call for help, there are many people who are not so fortunate. Regardless of an individual’s current circumstances or finances, anyone is welcome at the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Roseann Bennett is always looking for new ways to help her community and improve her methods for dealing with people in need. Recently Roseann Bennett incorporated Canine-Assisted Therapy in the Center’s plethora of innovative approach to treat mental illness.

Today, Roseann has turned to animals to aid in her therapy sessions, which has shown to be very effective, especially for families. Roseann Bennett has a therapy dog named Jack which has frequented many of her sessions and goes to the Center for Assessment and Treatment to help patients there. While it is still relatively new, there is a lot of promise when it comes to using animals to rehabilitate people. Not only are animals much more inviting, but they do not provide any judgment to the patients, allowing them to bond and open up much more easily. Roseann Bennett is actively doing in-home therapy around New Jersey today in areas such as Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren. See This Article for additional information.



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