NGP Van Makes a Difference with their Software Solutions for Political Campaigns

Political campaigning is not an easy activity to take on. There are many different aspects of campaigning that political parties, groups, and candidates must take into consideration. Fundraising is a common political action that all parties typically engage in doing. Organizing field work for campaign staff members is also essential to political success. Appealing to voters and transmitting political information online is another thing that must be done to win elections or to get an issue passed. Finally, in this day and time, everyone needs accountability and compliance. NPG Van software can do this as well.


Parties, groups, and candidates need essential campaigning functions. NPG Van understands this fact, and this is why they created specialized software programs for this purpose. NPG Van was created in 2011 when the company changed its name from Voters Actions Network. The company has the largest and most comprehensive software programs for campaign activities. A wide variety of campaigning programs is available for use.

MiniVan is a program that allows organizations and parties to contact voters and potential supporters. VoterBuilder is designed to track interactions with potential voters. Innovation Platform and NGP can help with tasks such as compliance and advertising. Keep in mind that NPG Van even has software programs that can be set up to perform a smartphone campaign. Other types of campaign components are also enhanced with the use of this software.


NPG Van makes campaigning easier because it provides solutions that are practical and that work. Once the software programs have been set up, they can make campaigning easy and doable. The reach that NPG Van has with voters is undeniable. Campaign managers enjoy using this software because it gets results. Democrats typically use this software platform for their political missions but they can be utilized by any organization. The applications offered by NPG Van makes good campaign sense.


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