Krishen Iyer Helps Insurance Agents Build Their Client Base

Krishen Iyer, a resident of Carlsbad, California, is a business owner in the insurance industry. He started a company, Managed Benefit Services, through which he offers insurance agents high-quality leads, marketing services, and consulting services. He started this company in 2016 and originally named it Quick Link Marketing. He changed the name to better reflect what he offers his clients.

His main focus is on helping insurance agents sell health and dental insurance policies. They can access his website where they can find leads that his company has vetted for accuracy and quality. Krishen Iyer developed a proprietary platform that fact-checks each lead and rates them according to how much potential they have for a sale.

He has developed a client base of insurance agents in and around Carlsbad. Most of his day is used to work with each of his clients and tweaking his online platform in order to make improvements to it. He also spends a significant amount of time each day on marketing his client’s agencies.

Krishen Iyer grew up in Fresno and is a graduate of Bullard High School. After earning his high school degree he moved to San Diego so that he could become a student at SDSU. He joined a fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, and graduated four years later with a degree in public administration.

He helps out the broader community. Krishen Iyer has been involved in cleaning up Woodward Park and also makes donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He also traveled to Haiti in 2010 in order to assist after that nation was gravely impacted by an earthquake. He enjoys spending time with his family, his wife, and two kids, and plays tennis and chess on a regular basis. His favorite sport to follow is soccer.

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