Zeco Auriemo: Why He Is the Reason for JHSF’s Massive Success

In the Brazilian market for luxury buildings, there is one clear giant: JHSF. This is a company with a strong background and great leadership. Chief Executive Officer Zeco Auriemo, who took office as the team’s leader and president in 1993, has pushed the organization into new markets and new heights of success. Luxury and quality have formed the keys to JHSF’s success in the sector, and their buildings reflect this excellently.

There is one reason that Zeco Auriemo’s vision has shaped the company more than most people would have imagined: the non-Brazilian properties that JHSF has now worked on in both the United States and Uruguay. New York’s Fifth Avenue is a place where JHSF has entered the luxury residential real estate market, and its building is one in which many high-profile, high-status individuals live. It is unlikely that there would have been this much international development from the company without the influence of its powerful CEO.

Zeco Auriemo enlisted the help of one of the most impressive architects around when it came to the planning of this project, and this man, Timothy Greer, was a key influence in getting the proper legal authorization for this residential project. In addition to working with one of the best architects around, JHSF needed to channel in excess of $30 million of funding to make the property a reality.

We should not find it surprising JHSF has reached such a point of real estate success, since Zeco Auriemo’s role as leader is playing such a big part in its growth, both internationally and within Brazil. If the company has made so much progress since gain him as CEO more than two decades ago, then it is quite likely that the team will only attain even more growth.

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